Climate Controlled Storage


Climate-Controlled Storage


Protect your Items with Climate-Controlled Storage in Franktown, CO


Looking for an ideal climate-controlled storage solution? Burning Tree Self Storage offers precisely what you need. Whether it's delicate artwork, sensitive electronics, or important paperwork, our climate-controlled units provide the perfect environment to keep your items in pristine condition. Located conveniently off Highway 86, we ensure easy access to your sensitive belongings.


State-of-the-Art Climate Control for Optimal Preservation


At Burning Tree Self Storage, we understand the significance of maintaining specific temperature and humidity levels. Our advanced climate control systems guarantee your valuable possessions are stored under the best conditions, preserving their quality for years to come.


Benefits of Burning Tree Climate-Controlled Storage Units


Advanced Climate Control Systems

Our climate control systems are designed to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level inside each storage unit. This precision control is crucial for protecting sensitive items from environmental damage.


Clean and Secure Units

At Burning Tree Self Storage, cleanliness and security are top priorities. Our storage units are meticulously maintained to ensure they are clean, dry, and well-ventilated, providing an ideal environment for your belongings.


Convenient Location and Access

Our facility’s strategic location off Highway 86 in Franktown, CO, offers convenience and ease of access. This means you can easily reach your storage unit without any hassle, whether for frequent visits or occasional check-ins.


Innovative NoKe Smart Entry System

The NoKe Smart Entry System revolutionizes the way you access your storage unit. This cutting-edge technology allows for keyless entry via a Bluetooth-enabled smart device, effectively eliminating the need for traditional locks and keys.


Protection Against Extreme Temperatures

Our units maintain a consistent temperature to protect your items from heat and cold. This is crucial for preventing damage to sensitive items like electronics, wood furniture, musical instruments, and antiques, which can suffer in extreme heat or cold.


Defense Against Humidity

High humidity can cause mold and mildew, which can damage a variety of items, including clothing, important documents, photographs, and artwork. Our units can help you prevent mold growth and dampness, which is ideal for delicate items.


Dust and Pest Control

Climate-controlled units are often better sealed than non-climate-controlled units. This can help in reducing the amount of dust and pests that can enter the unit, thereby better preserving your belongings.


Enhanced Security Features

Rest easy with our 24-hour surveillance and advanced security measures.


Peace of Mind

Knowing that your items are stored in an environment that protects them from environmental factors provides a sense of security and peace of mind.


Environmentally Conscious Storage

You can contribute to a greener future with our environment-friendly initiatives. 


Items Ideal for a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit


  • Electronics: Valuable electronics like TVs, computers, gaming systems, and cameras are particularly susceptible to damage from extreme temperature shifts and high humidity levels. Climate-controlled storage is essential to prevent harmful condensation, which can lead to short circuits and corrosive damage.


  • Wood and Leather Furniture: Wooden furniture pieces are at risk of cracking, warping, or rotting in unstable temperature and humidity conditions. Leather items, too, are prone to discoloration and mold growth under similar conditions. Climate-controlled storage provides a consistent environment, safeguarding these materials from such damage.


  • Photographic Memories: Vintage photographs are sensitive to humidity and temperature changes. They can easily stick together, fade, or become discolored. Storing them in a climate-controlled environment is key to preserving these irreplaceable memories.


  • Musical Instruments: Instruments, especially those crafted from wood, are highly sensitive to environmental changes. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause warping, cracking and even affect their sound quality. Climate-controlled storage is crucial for maintaining their integrity and sound.


  • Artwork: Art pieces, whether they are paintings, sculptures, or mixed media, can suffer greatly from environmental exposure. High humidity may lead to mold, while varying temperatures can cause cracking and warping. A stable, climate-controlled environment is essential for their preservation.


  • Collectibles: For collectors of items like comic books, stamps, coins, and sports memorabilia, maintaining a stable environment is vital to preserving their condition and value. Climate-controlled storage offers this stability, protecting these treasures from environmental threats.


  • Important Documents: Climate control is vital for preserving documents such as contracts, certificates, and legal papers. Exposure to high humidity and temperature fluctuations can cause papers to turn yellow, ink to fade, and materials to degrade.


  • Vehicles: Classic cars, motorcycles, RVs, and boats are all significant investments requiring protection from extreme temperatures. Climate-controlled storage helps to prevent rust, tire damage, and mechanical issues that can arise from exposure to harsh environmental conditions.


Choose Burning Tree Self Storage for Climate-Controlled Storage in Franktown, CO


Our facility is equipped with the latest technology to ensure your items are stored in the best conditions. Secure your valuable possessions today in our top-notch climate-controlled storage units. Contact our team for more information and to secure your unit. We are here to assist with all your climate-controlled storage needs. Trust us to care for your valuables as if they were our own!