Drive-Up Storage


Drive-Up Storage


Looking For Convenient Drive-Up Storage in Franktown, CO?

Burning Tree Self Storage offers the perfect solution with our drive-up storage units. Ideal for both personal and business storage needs, our drive-up units allow you to drive right up to your unit door conveniently, simplifying the process of loading and unloading bulky or heavy items.

Drive-up storage is an invaluable asset for businesses. It's an affordable, flexible solution for different business needs, such as excess inventory storage, equipment housing, or document archiving. Our scalable options mean you can adjust your storage space as your business evolves.


Easy Ground Floor Access with Ample Space

Our drive-up storage units are all located on the ground floor, featuring exterior entrances for hassle-free access. This setup enables you to transfer your belongings directly from your vehicle into the unit, bypassing the need for navigating through corridors or using elevators. Plus, the units come equipped with large roll-up doors, making it easier to move bigger items in and out.


Tailored Drive-Up Storage Options for Every Need

At Burning Tree Self Storage, we understand that every storage requirement is unique. That's why we offer a diverse range of drive-up storage unit sizes, ensuring we have a space that suits your specific needs, be it for storing furniture, equipment, seasonal items, or business inventory.


Seasonal Storage Made Easy

Leverage our drive-up storage units for seasonal item management. Free up space in your home by storing holiday decorations, sports gear, and more. With easy drive-up access, retrieving and storing these items seasonally becomes a breeze, helping keep your home clutter-free and organized.


Why Choose Our Drive-up Storage Units 

  • Convenience: Directly unload items from your vehicle, saving time and effort.
  • Accessibility: Enjoy 24/7 access to your belongings without the hassle of stairs or elevators.
  • Flexibility: Our units are versatile, perfect for a wide range of items, from household goods to business inventory.
  • Security: Benefit from our robust security measures, including 24-hour surveillance and an advanced NoKe Smart Entry System.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Drive-up Storage Unit

  • Item Size: Drive-up storage units are often chosen for storing large, bulky, or heavy items that are cumbersome to transport over long distances or through tight spaces. The ability to select a unit size that adequately fits your items is crucial. We offer units of various sizes to fit all your belongings comfortably.
  • Access Frequency: Easy, direct access minimizes the time and effort required for each visit, making it a practical choice for those who anticipate regular trips to their storage unit. Our convenient location off Highway 86 makes frequent visits easy.
  • Budget: Budget considerations are key in any storage decision. Drive-up units, with their premium for convenience and accessibility, need to be cost-effective. At Burning Tree Self Storage, we offer competitive pricing to fit within your financial plans.


Choose Burning Tree for Premium Drive-Up Storage in Franktown, CO

Our facility is dedicated to providing top-tier drive-up storage services. We blend convenience, security, and flexibility to meet the diverse storage needs of our clients. Our drive-up units are designed for effortless access, and we uphold the highest standards of security, including around-the-clock video monitoring and gated access.


Ready for Hassle-Free Drive-Up Storage?

If you want a drive-up storage solution that combines ease, security, and value, contact us now and reserve your unit.